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Welcome to Hallbybollen - the tournament for the whole club.

The tournament is played 4-6 January 2019.

Venue: Jönköping, Huskvarna and Bankeryd

Arranging club: IF Hallby HK

Hallbybollen is using the system CupManager for all administration.

  • Girls 16/Boys 16 (born 02 or later) – Older Youth
  • Girls 14/Boys 14 (born 04 or later) – Youth
  • Girls 13/Boys 13 (born 05 or later) – Youth
  • Girls 12/Boys 12 (born 06 or later) – Youth
  • Girls 11/Boys 11 (born 07 or later) – Children
  • Girls 10/Boys 10 (born 08 or later) – Children
  • Girls 9/Boys 9 (born 09 or later) - Children

We comply with the Swedish Handball Federations (SHF) new age categories.

It is possible to register a team in an older class if you have a team with mixed ages.

B/G 11-10 is played on the large field with a lowered crossbar.
B/G 9 is played on a mini-handball field (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper)

Match time is 1 x 25 min in all categories.

Categories B/G 16- B/G 12 is played in a preliminary round with 4-5 teams per group day 1 and 2. Day 3 an A and B final round is played as a cup (direct elimination). The top two teams in each group is qualified for A final round and the rest of the teams goes to B final round. All teams are guaranteed at least 4 games.

Elimination games are not allowed in categories B/G 11 and younger according to SHF regulations for children and youth. During the game the result will be shown, but no results or group standings will be published. In these categories no final elimination round will be played. The teams are guaranteed at least 4 games.


  • 1600:- teams that book accomodation.
  • 2800:- teams that do not book accomodation
  • 2300:- teams that do not book accomodation in B/G 9 (Mini handball)
  • Register today to be guaranteed a place in the tournament!

No refund of registration fee, which means registration fee is not returned if a registration is cancelled. Last day of registration is the 15th of November!

A registration is only approved when the registration fee has been paid and the team has recieved a notification of approval from Hallbybollen! The team keeps it's place for 20 days after registration and if no payment has been recieved after that the team is placed on the stand-by list instead.

Teams that are placed on the stand-by list directly since the category is already full should not pay registration fee. The fee is paid if and when the team is notified that it has been offered a place in the tournament.

Some categories tends to be fully booked quite quickly, so do not wait too long with your registration!
When categories are fully booked, Hallbybollen reserves the right to adjust groups and categories.

Category A: 1220 SEK School accomodation (accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, free transport with cup buses and public buses, free entrance to public bath, ticket to international game)
Category B:
1820 SEK Hotel accomodation, shared room (accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, free transport with cup buses and public buses, free entrance to public bath, ticket to international game)
Category B1: 2320 SEK Hotel accomodation in single room (accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, free transport with cup buses and public buses, free entrance to public bath, ticket to international game)
Category C: 1520 SEK Youth hostel accomodation (accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, free transport with cup buses and public buses, free entrance to public bath, ticket to international game)
Category D: 920 SEK Own accomodation (lunch and dinner, free transport with cup buses and public buses, free entrance to public bath, ticket to international game)

Accomodation shall be paid on the 1st of December 2018 at the latest.

For accomodation that is cancelled after the 10th of December 2018 a administration fee of 500 SEK will be charged for each individual.

The Accomodation tickets is collected by a responsible team leader in the Cup Centre. It is very important that you check and count that you recieve the correct number of accomodation tickets and international game tickets when they are collected! No corrections will be made in arrears without payment.

The teams can correct/adjust the number of accomodation tickets until the 14th of December 2018. Payment must then be provided on the 14th of December at the latest. After that the ordering function for accomodation through CupManager will be closed and additional accomodation tickets can only be ordered in direct contact with Hallbybollen's Cup team. These additional tickets is paid when collected on site in the Cup Centre (with "Swish" or Credit Card),

The team must register all players and team leaders in CupManager befor it's first tournament game starts. Adjustments can be don during the tournament (e.g. loan of a younger player). To do adjustments during the tournament the team needs to contact the Cup Centre at Elmia or the Cup office at Idrottshuset.

We serve breakfast in most of the accomodation sites. In the case that this is not possible, breakfast is served in the closest possible accomodation site. Breakfast is served from 6.30 AM.

Lunch and dinner is served at Elmia (2 dining rooms) and at Junedalsskolan's dining room. Day 3 lunch is also served in Bankeryd for the teams that play their games there. We have generous opening times in the dining rooms. If it, despite that wouldn't be possible for at team to eat at the latest 1,5 hours before or up to 1 hour after a game, we will offer these teams the possibility to pick up lunch boxes.


At least one (adult) team leader per team shall live together with the team in each room. The team is financially responsible for all damages caused by the team members.

Emergency services (fire brigade) has very strict rules about how many people are allowed to live in each room and how matresses and beds shall be placed. These rules must be obeyed.

Please note that broad "King size" matresses are not allowed for a single person in school accomodations, but it is allowed for two persons to share one broad matress. The number of places (persons) in each room is calculated based on standard size matresses (max 90-100 cm).

Which accomodation the team has been placed in is published through the team account in CupManager in week 52 at the latest. Då publiceras även kontaktuppgifter till förläggningsvärd som ni kontaktar för att komma överens om ankomsttid.

Teams shall leave school accomodations no later than 3 PM on January 6th (Day 3). When teams leave the school accomodation the room shall be cleaned and in it's original condition. Before leaving the team must have the approval of the cleaning of the room from the accomodation host.


The first games starts around 12 AM on Januarty the 4th. On Day 2 and 3 the first games will start att 8 AM.

In categories U11 and younger the last start of a game will be at 8 PM the latest. In categories U16-U12 the last games starts at 9.30 PM.

  • We apply a two referee system in all categories except Mini-handball (U9).
  • Hallbybollen is played in Idrottshuset (4 fields), Elmia D-hallen (5 artificial grass fields), Elmia B-hallen (3-4 fields), Huskvarna sporthall, Sandahallen, KFUM-hallen, Campus Arena och Attarpshallen (2 fields).
  • A final rounds for the oldest categories will be played in Arenan in Idrottshuset.
  • We plan for live streaming of all A-finals played in Idrottshuset.
  • Ticket/entrance to the international game between Swedens Men's national team and an opponent that will be annonuced later is include for all that have purchased an accomodation ticket (the Tournament pauses during the international game)
  • Cup buses and free travel with public buses (Jönköpings länstrafik) is included in the accomodation tickets.
  • One time free entrance to the public bath Rosenlundsbadet (next to Elmia) is included in the accomodation ticket.
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